Following the successful Justice League Snyder Cut campaign, Zack Snyder wants to lend that generous support to David Ayer’s cut of Suicide Squad.

With the campaign for Zack Snyder’s Justice League proving hugely successful, the director has stated that he wants to see others enjoy similar support — including David Ayer and his version of Suicide Squad. Snyder was, of course, the original architect of the DCEU. Opening with 2013’s Man of Steel, he crafted a multi-film narrative that would’ve culminated with the titular DC Comics team undoing an apocalyptic future. Unfortunately, due to a personal tragedy, Snyder was forced to step away from production on the first Justice League installment. In his absence, Joss Whedon was brought on to round out the rest of filming. In the process, Whedon completely overhauled the story.

The move prompted a widespread endeavor to see Snyder’s initial vision restored. As well as raising thousands of dollars for suicide prevention, the campaign also bore fruit when HBO Max announced they would fund additional photography and release Snyder’s version. Justice League wasn’t the only film plagued by outside interference, however. 2016’s Suicide Squad was similarly condescended and completely restructured from what Ayer originally intended. Even Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman had to undergo last-minute changes — when Warner Bros pushed for a huge CGI-battle in the third act. Following the support he’d received in the last few years, Snyder has now pledged to help other filmmakers receive similar support.

Snyder spoke on the subject during a conversation with John Doe Movie Reviews. At the 7:28 mark, a member of the panel steered the topic specifically towards the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. Snyder was then asked directly whether he’d had any kind of conversation with Ayer regarding potential plans. The popular director revealed that he hadn’t…but that he very much intended to. Check out Snyder’s full statement below:

“I haven’t talked to David about it, but I’m sure I will. I know him quite well. I’ve just been swamped, you know, because of Covid but t’s on my list of things to talk to him about. Like, I support any filmmaker who needs to get their version of their movie or their vision sort of seen, because I’ve had, you know, such generous support. So, I really would hope that other people would get that same thing.”

Throughout 2020, Ayer has spoken more and more regarding the changes his Suicide Squad was subjected to. Most recently, he has reiterated that the theatrical release was unfair to Jared Leto’s Joker. Ayer has also offered that his version is infinitely darker and offered a much more complex — especially in regards to its heroes and general human nature. It’s also believed that it would have tied in more with Snyder’s initial plans for Justice League. As such, it would make sense for both to get a release. For a time, many (including Katana actress Karen Fukuhara) assumed that the Ayer Cut release was a certainty. However, despite the success of the Snyder Cut campaign and Margot Robbie’s desire to see it, Ayer debunked that notion as an unfounded rumor.

As it stands, James Gunn’s soft reboot of the franchise has recently finished editing and is scheduled for release next year. Ayer, meanwhile, has since moved on to a number of other projects. With Jenkins given much more free-reign on Wonder Woman 1984, however, and Snyder finally able to deliver on his original Justice League vision, a tide has clearly turned within DC and Warner Bros. And with Snyder officially pledging himself to the cause, there will no doubt be a renewed sense of hope that a recut Suicide Squad could see the light of day, be it on HBO Max or otherwise.

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