Peter Jackson shares a sneak peek into his upcoming music documentary The Beatles: Get Back, showing footage of the band recording their last album.

Peter Jackson reveals a sneak peek at his upcoming documentary The Beatles: Get Back. The Oscar-winning director of The Lord of the Rings trilogy shifted to the historical documentary genre with They Shall Not Grow Old, a 2018 WWI film. Jackson created the critically acclaimed documentary using modern production techniques to colorize and restore old footage from the war. It was announced last year that Jackson would use this technique again with his upcoming music documentary about the most iconic band of all time.

The Beatles: Get Back uses newly restored footage from recording sessions in January 1969 for the band’s final album “Let It Be” and during their famous rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row, their last live performance as a group. Jackson and his team have restored the footage to give fans an intimate look at John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison at work in the studio.

Jackson revealed a sneak peek preview of The Beatles: Get Back, explaining in the video’s introduction that he and his team in New Zealand are back at work on the film, which would have been finished by now if not for the pandemic. Jackson reveals that they are “about half-way” through the editing process, working with 56 hours of never-before-seen Beatles footage. The five-minute sneak peek is not intended to be a trailer, which will come out in 2021; instead, it’s a montage of moments from the footage. You can watch the video below.

The preview, which includes footage of The Beatles in the studio recording “Get Back,” is also streaming on Disney+. Because the film is delayed until 2021, Jackson wanted to give fans a sneak peek into the movie to hold fans over until its release and show the “the vibe and energy” of the documentary.

The film will capture the band in a more positive light, following Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 documentary Let It Be, which contains some of the same footage, released after the band had already broken up. Get Back, which was picked up by Walt Disney Studios, was initially scheduled for release on September 4, 2020. However, the film was delayed an entire year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Get Back is now set to arrive in theaters on August 27, 2021, and fans are finally getting a sneak peek at the documentary.

The Beatles: Get Back promises to be a more upbeat version of the Let It Be documentary. The documentary is likely going to satisfy Beatles fans, who will get an up-close and personal look into the band recording what would be their final album.

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